Compulsive Practice Talk Back at The New Museum

On World AIDS Day 2016, The New Museum screened "Compulsive Practice," the video that Jean Carlomusto, Alexandra Juhasz and myself put together as part of our Visual AIDS exhibition, Everyday. In the talk back that followed, long time artist/activists Luna Ortiz, Carol Leigh, and James Wentzy discussed their practice of using video to document their community in the face of AIDS.

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EVERYDAY - La Mama Galleria 11/17 - 12/10, 2016

 Chloe Dzubilo & T De Long, "Untitled (Medical Alert Necklace)," 2009, Handmade pills (polymer clay, acrylic paint) on metallic cord with gold clasp. Photo credit: Michael Sharkey

Chloe Dzubilo & T De Long, "Untitled (Medical Alert Necklace)," 2009, Handmade pills (polymer clay, acrylic paint) on metallic cord with gold clasp. Photo credit: Michael Sharkey

Co-curated by myself, Jean Carlomusto, and Alexandra Juhasz, "Everyday" explores the AIDS crisis (historically and currently) through the lens of art work that looks at and evidences daily experiences & practices in response to HIV/AIDS.  

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 17, 6–9 PM    

Curatorial Statement: AIDS is an everyday experience. By this, we mean it is both common and ongoing; quotidian and unending. Yet its history – like all history – is being written in Boldfaced Names and Significant Dates, especially those from the near past. Like the moon that eclipses the sun because it is closer to our frame of reference, the enormity of that moment of the AIDS crisis threatens to blind us to both the sprawling present and the unknowable future. Moreover, the significance of this artist or that day is always less than the significance of the cumulative reality of life in the time of AIDS.  

In EVERYDAY, we bring together work that engages with the “now” of AIDS, both historically and currently. Some of the work uses the materials of AIDS, from pills to pamphlets, while other pieces chronicle daily responses, from protest to prayer. Much of the work speaks in the vernacular of its own moment, whether that be wheatpaste, VHS, or an app. Some of it is made by professional artists whose gift is to speak of and to the world around them, while other pieces were made by intuitive creators who were driven to respond to the crisis as one mode of survival – the same spirit that drove us to make this exhibition.  

Someday we will have a cure, and the infrastructure and political will to get it to everyone who needs it. But until then, AIDS is EVERYDAY.

The exhibition includes artwork by Babycastles, Anne Balsamo, Barton Lidice Beneš, Jean CarlomustoCurtis CarmanPaul Chisholm, Ian Clyde, darkroom danny, T de LongChloe Dzubilo, Delphine Fawundu-Buford, fierce pussy, Avram FinkelsteinPeggy Frank, Fuck Laws Flash Collective, Gay Men's Health CrisisCarl GeorgeFelix Gonzalez-TorresJohn Hanning, Eva Hayward, Mark S. KingKia Labeija, Carol Leigh, Nancer LemoinsGin LouieJoyce McDonald, Juanita MuhammedRay NavarroLuna Luis OrtizGrahame PerryPoster Virus, Edward Rochschild, LJ Roberts, Randy Freedomclay Rogers, Fabian Rios Rubino, Dudley Saunders, Loren SchmidtJames SimmondsMichael Slocum, Southern AIDS Living Quilt, Hugh Steers, Nelson Sullivan, Justin Terry-Smith, Prashast Thapan, The NAMES Project, James WentzyFrederick WestonJessica Whitbread, Albert Winn and Tanya Wischerath